Thursday, October 27, 2016

Member of Highland Park Market Wins Community Service Award

Congratulations to Timothy Devanney of Highland Park Market for being awarded a Community Service Award by the Connecticut Food Association.

Highland Park Market is a committed sponsor of Foodshare's Empty Bowls event as well as a strong supporter of the organization's Turkey and Thirty campaign, serving as a turkey donation site during the month of November!

Pictured left to right: Tim Devanney, Scot Haney, James Arena-DeRosa and Stan Sorkin
(Not Pictured: Wayne Pesce, President of the CFA)

CT Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Make Apple Donation

Members of the CT Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics' NDTR Committee recently stopped by Foodshare to drop off a donation of fresh, orchard-picked apples in honor of Food Day. Food Day is observed every October 24, to celebrate real food as an essential ingredient of a healthier diet for all Americans, including those in need. NDTR Committee was pleased to donate 35 pounds of local apples to support Foodshare's mission for a hunger-free community.

Pictured left to right are: Paula Siebers, Foodshare Food Sourcing Manager; Julie Graham, NDTR; MaryAnn Martin, NDTR; and Cindy McAuliffe, NDTR

Connecticut Income Inequality Increases

Connecticut’s problem of income inequality is especially acute. In 1970, Connecticut was the 36th most unequal state, today it is second. The Gini coefficient is the most commonly used measure of income inequality. It ranges from 0, a condition of perfect equality where all members of a population receive identical amounts, to 1, a condition of perfect inequality, where one member of a population receives everything. Between 1970 and 2015, the Gini coefficient for Connecticut increased from .337 to .492. Income inequality increased in every state over this time, but Connecticut, by far, had the largest increase. The increase was more than 50% greater than the average for the other states.

Source: CT Association for Community Action, 10/13/16  Income Inequality

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Multi-Hunger Action Team (HAT) Gleaning Project Rescues Over 23,000 Pounds of Squash!

The East Windsor Hunger Action Team (HAT) partnered with Reichle Farms in South Windsor for the third year in row to glean butternut, acorn, and Spaghetti squash. Over 23,000 pounds of squash was gleaned with help from more than 80 local volunteers last weekend.

Most of  the squash was distributed locally, along with healthy recipes, to agencies and low-income families within the towns of East Windsor, East Hartford, Enfield, South Windsor, Windsor, Newington and Hartford.

Thank you to the organizerand East Windsor HAT Gleaning CaptainPeter Stagon, as well as Earl Reichle for opening his fields to us. Additional support was provided by Bill and Marie Groves from Five Corner Cupboard in East Windsor, Kristen Formanek from The Town of East Windsor Social Services, as well as Gary Richards and his volunteers from the East Hartford Hunger Action Team.  A special thank you to Carter Southerland from CarterCares, as well as Ray and Bridget Halpin for providing additional trucks.  Water and pizza were provided for all the volunteers.  Everyone had a great time and we look forward to making this an even bigger event next year!

To learn more about Foodshare's Hunger Action Teams visit our website, or contact Beatrice Maslowski, Community Network Builder at (860) 286-9999. x180.

Twin Day for Foodshare's VISTAs

Allison(right),Sarah (left)
Foodshare's Food Access Associate VISTA & Community Involvement VISTA
 Allison and Sarah, both got the memo to wear black & blue!

Suburbs Offer No Escape From Poverty

Although recent Census Bureau figures show that the nation’s poverty rate fell significantly in 2015, experts are noting that blacks and other migrants from the inner city who move to the suburbs are not all escaping poverty. Blacks, Asians, and Latinos now represent a combined 35% of the suburban population.
But the suburbs aren’t idyllic for newcomers “of color.” Many don’t move far, often ending up in inner ring suburbs surrounding the city not the outer, more affluent neighborhoods. And they tend to live in “pockets,” often because of affordable housing or marginal areas where housing is least expensive. Suburban municipalities are strained to provide services to low-income minorities as the problems of the poor are shifted to towns and other suburban areas are less equipped to handle their needs.

Source: CBS News, 10/6/16, View Article...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mayor Luke Bronin Leads Town Meeting on North Hartford's Promise Zone

On Saturday October 29 Mayor Luke Bronin will facilitate a town hall meeting about North Hartford's Promise Zone.

North Hartford's Promise Zone consists of a 3.11 square-mile area encompassing the Clay Arsenal, Northeast and Upper Albany neighborhoods. Hartford is the first City in Connecticut to take part in this competitive initiative created by President Barack Obama. In his 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama announced that he would designate 20 Promise Zones nationwide; high poverty communities that would partner with the Administration to create jobs, increase economic activity, improve educational opportunities, reduce violent crime and improve health outcomes.