Sunday, May 1, 2011

In The Spotlight: Geissler's Supermarkets

With six Connecticut locations, Geissler's has had roots in the greater Hartford community for over 88 years.  What started as one store has expanded to 7 since Jim Nilsson and his family took over the business.  American owned and operated, Geissler's has built a reputation for excellent quality food and customer service.  

But what may not be well known is the other face of Geissler’s Supermarkets – the one that has to do with their community involvement.  Geissler’s officially began supporting Foodshare in 2004.  Every year since, Geissler’s has been an active participant in the Food Industry Advisory Council, helping to further cultivate Foodshare’s relationship with the food industry throughout greater Hartford. Additionally, they have taken part in the Food Industry Convoy of Caring year after year.

In 2008, Geissler’s began a meat recovery program.  Rather than discard unsold meat,  this very important source of protein is now recovered and distributed to those in need, many of whom live in the same towns where Geissler’s operates its stores!  Since they first started in 2008, the total meat recovered has helped provide almost 18,000meals.  Geissler’s was also the first retailer to authorize Foodshare's Volunteer Retail Pick-up Program, through which trained volunteers distribute the recovered meat to local agencies. This allows agencies to see a more tangible connection between local businesses, its clients and the community. 

Last fall with the full support of Geissler’s,  Foodshare staff set up private SNAP screenings in each store. Many residents, because of Geissler’s Supermarket screenings, were able to quickly and confidentially determine if they qualified for SNAP benefits.

Geissler’s commitment to quality and friendly service doesn’t end with each customer visit.  Instead the Nilsson Family continues its commitment to the community every day before, during and after business hours.

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