Thursday, July 7, 2011

SNAP benefit helps family eat healthier

Krista Ostaszewski, Foodshare's SNAP Outreach Coordinator, sent me this e-mail today...

I recently received an email from a SNAP recipient thanking us for helping her apply for the program. She has been receiving the  SNAP benefit for a little over a year now, and wanted to share how SNAP has allowed her to eat healthier.
After listing a few of the fruits and veggies she is able to now keep in her fridge, she wrote, “I felt proud to take better care of myself.”

The email ended with the woman explaining, “About a year now on SNAP and my buying habits have improved!”

SNAP is a nutrition assistance program that is available to help keep healthy foods within reach for those in need.  Emails like this one are proof that SNAP not only helps families afford food, but also helps families eat well and stay healthy!

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