Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Geissler's donates meat post-hurricane

Thankfully, many people and businesses were not seriously impacted by the ferocity of the storm but some survived only to lose their water, power and/or phone service.  One such business was the Geissler’s Market in Somers which managed to avoid damage only to face the possibility of losing much of it inventory when it lost power the other day. 

Owing to the fast thinking of Dan Fraro, the meat manager there, and the rest of the Geissler’s family,  Foodshare was able to recover over 2,600 pounds of meat that was perfectly good and safe before the loss of power had affected the food.  Dan’s fast thinking coupled with his team’s help in protecting the food, and Foodshare driver Paul’s, ability to drive directly and quickly to secure the donation resulted in a substantial amount of food.   

This quick action has provided Foodshare with food that will probably end up helping many people in Foodshare’s service area who normally are challenged to provide enough food for their families, and now with Irene’s devastation almost everywhere will have even more challenges over the next several weeks at least. 

Thank you Dan and our friends at Geissler’s for thinking of others while dealing with a huge problem of your own!

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