Monday, August 22, 2011

Race Against Hunger

Donnie Swan, a volunteer at the United Labor Agency food pantry in Hartford, also drives a race car owned by the father and son team of Gary Spinnarto, Senior and Junior.  Donnie has used the car to promote Foodshare's work to end hunger in his recent races at the Stafford Motor Speedway.  Called the "Race Against Hunger," Donnie is not only raising awareness of hunger and Foodshare's work every time he races, he is generously donating any winnings to Foodshare to help us provide more food.

Donnie told me, "Personally, I worded as a case manager for three nonprofits within the Hartford area for fourteen years and Foodshare was a valuable asset to me, as many of the families I was assigned to needed food.  Foodshare provided food through the ULA food pantry, in addition to may people utilizing the local soup kitchens that Foodshare supports."

"I personally know the hardship of having limited food," Donnie continued, "as my mother raised six children on her own.  Foodshare is truly a great program that I will continue to advocate for."

Donnie, thank you to you and your team for your passion and commitment to the work to end hunger!  What a great way to raise awareness of both the needs in the community and how Foodshare helps!

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