Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nutrition education at Mobile Foodshare

Foodshare SNAP Outreach Coordinator, Krista Ostaszewski, sent me this guest blog entry:

"Recently, Foodshare has been working with Saint Joseph’s College in a partnership to offer their nutrition education presentation to Mobile Foodshare participants in the Hartford area.

"Today I had the pleasure to visit a mobile that was hosting nutrition educators Debbie and Amy, both masters students in the nutrition program at Saint Joseph's.

"I arrived at the Mobile Foodshare site and found a table with games, give-aways and excited mobile participants ready to interact with the nutrition educators! The first game that was offered involved matching the name of unique veggies with their pictures. A young man was excited to see if he could match the names with the pictures, and was even more excited to get a nice tote bag after the game was completed. After the game the man and nutrition educator discussed how some of those “strange” veggies can be prepared.  The game really proved to be a great way to get individuals to the  table and become engaged in a conversation around nutrition.

"Along with fun games, the nutrition educators also had informative brochures and materials about healthy eating. A large vibrant poster about eating fruit and vegetables was propped up next to their table, along with stacks of brochures on colorful eating and following the USDA food plate.

"Alan, a Foodshare driver, mentioned that the nutrition educators had really pulled in an 'awesome group of people' to discuss nutrition at the mobile site. In total the educators had talked with over 30 people at that one location just today!

"We are excited to partner with Saint Joseph’s on this wonderful program and are even more excited to offer such important nutrition information to our mobile participants!

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! "

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