Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparing for winter

It's been a mild winter season so far, but yesterday's snow reminded us that it really is winter.  It's always best to be prepared in case of a winter storm or extreme cold weather. The Federal Emergency Management Agency urges everyone to Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a KitRead the new 2-1-1 eLibrary paper Winter Storms and Blizzards to be ready for whatever winter may bring! 

Foodshare does have a plan in place to notify people of changes to our schedule in the event of a storm, as follows:

Foodshare does not generally close due to bad weather, but from time-to-time, we may close early or open late due to a storm.  Generally this will only happen if the Governor has closed state offices and/or closed some roads.

If there is an early morning storm, there are three ways you can find out if anything has changed about our schedule at Foodshare:
  • Channel 3 – either on television or at – will have any announcements
  • WTIC radio – either at 1080 AM or at – will also have any announcements
  • By 5:30 AM, Gloria updates her voice mail with any changes.  So you can call Foodshare and dial extension 117 to find out.
In all three cases, pay close attention to the announcement, as it may be a meeting cancellation or change only, and not affect Foodshare’s opening time.

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