Friday, February 17, 2012

Teamwork gets the job done

It's been a challenging week at Foodshare...

I've been out all week, the first part due to a death and the later part at a meeting at the Feeding America headquarters in Chicago.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Christine O'Rourke, fell this week and broke her arm, so she has been out for most of the week.

Director of Business and Support Services, Janice Traczyk, was out all week due to a death in her family and illness.

And several other staff members were out with a stomach bug that's made its way through the organization or for some other reason.

Yet the work goes on.  Everyone on this team jumps in to help and food was picked up and delivered and all the critical things that needing doing got done. 

Thank you to everyone, staff and volunteers, who made it happen this week and who make it happen every week.

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