Friday, February 10, 2012

Words of thanks

From today's mail:

“A heartfelt thank you for the Foodshare program provided to us.

“This impressive bi-weekly service inaugurated her last spring impacts many of my friends who are residents of Burling, Harwinton, and Canton…as verified by the lengthy lines which have developed since last spring.  So well-organized.

“In Burlington, manned by several most helpful, genial volunteers…who offer to carry our heavy bags laden with produce, breads – even dairy sometimes – I am as a senior citizen, having moved from Florida several years ago at the behest of family here, most grateful for this timely help.  IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

“Coupled with the food pantry in town and the local Burlington van service which provides free transportation for us seniors, this program offers an addition perk:  SOCIALIZATION WITH FRIENDS IN LINE!”

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