Friday, March 30, 2012

Years of volunteer service

At last night's annual meeting, Foodshare recognized three retiring members of the Board of Directors.  In all three cases, I think they were retiring only because they hit the term limits of nine years spelled out in our bylaws!  All three were elected as Honorary Directors and  have pledged to stay involved:

David Urbanik (left) is the Chief Operating Officer at Halloran and Sage in Hartford.  He has been involved with Foodshare in some capacity for 25 years!  This was actually his third time serving on the Board of Directors.  During his various board tenures, he has been Chair of the Board, Chaired more than one Strategic Planning Committee, and is now serving on his third Facilities Committee!  He has agreed to stay on that Facilities Committee, along with the the Strategic Implementation Committee.

Craig Anderson (center) is with United HealthCare in Hartford and is just wrapping up nine years as a volunteer with the Foodshare Board.  He has served on the Finance Committee, as Treasurer, and was Chair of the Board for two years.  Craig is going to make a change from finance in his Honorary Directorship and join the Governance and Nominating Committee.

Andrea Obston (right) is the President of Andrea Obston Marketing and Communications was a volunteer on Foodshare's Public Relations Council even before being elected to the Board of Directors nine years ago.  Andrea has been the go to person for both the Board and the management team at Foodshare for many years and plans to continue that as an Honorary Director with her continued chairmanship of the PR Council.

Thank you to all three of your for your passion, commitment, and service to Foodshare's mission of ending hunger.

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