Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feeding America Donor of the Year

This week, I'm at the Feeding America National Summit in Detroit.  At last evening's dinner, we honored the Feeding America Donor of the Year, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation.  The Buffett Foundation has granted more than $5 million to benefit the Feeding America network since 2010.  Most notable was the funding of Map the Meal Gap, which provides county by county data on hunger.

In addition to the Foundation's support, Mr. Buffett has been a vocal advocate for food banks' work to end hunger in the US.  He has testified before Congress and paid for ads in major publications.

It was great to hear Mr. Buffett speak last night about combining his first passion, farming, with his passion for fighting hunger.  Mr. Buffett has created a new national campaign, Invest an Acre, and is asking America's farmers to each donate one acre to their local food bank.

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