Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Starting young

From the mailbox:

"Dear Folks at Foodshare,

"Five-year-old Joseph receives a small allowance each week.  He divides the money into three jars - Save, Spend, and Give.  After receiving a Foodshare holiday ornament celebrating his grandparents' donation in his honor, he became very concerned about the idea of hungry children in our area.

"He recently volunteered at his first food drive at a local grocery store and decided to give the contents of his "Give" jar to Foodshare.  He had accumulated $9 and we are giving his donation a small boost, as well.

"I think that he has a a long line of volunteering ahead of him!  Just wanted to let you know that he is also considering asking his friends for donations instead of gifts at his upcoming birthday party.

"We are already on your mailing list, please keep the newsletters coming!

"JW of Farmington"

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