Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeding People - Whose Responsibility?

At yesterday's Farm Bill Forum, Congressman Joe Courtney talked about the House Agriculture Committee's recent vote to cut $36 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  The committee was charged by leadership with cutting that much from the entire agriculture budget, but they took it all from SNAP.

Courtney said that they could have saved money in other parts of the budget, like in federal subsidies to farmers who grow corn for ethanol - not even food!

Instead, they cut SNAP and their reasoning was that it's not government's job to feed people, but rather the job of the churches.

Bread for the World has estimated that just to replace the food lost if this cut goes through, every church in the country - large and small - would have to provide $50,000 over and above what they currently do each year for the next ten years!

Can your church do that?  I know mine can't!  If you object to Congress trying to pass an issue of this magnitude onto the faith community please sign the petition on Bread for the World's website!

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