Friday, June 20, 2014

Foodtweeks comes to Hartford

Foodshare received $1,000 donation this week from foodtweeks, a free mobile phone app that helps people better manage their weight while feeding the hungry at the same time. Its goal is to change the way people view their food while ending food insecurity in America.

Walker Health Labs launched foodtweeks last week, a free app that combines weight management with feeding the hungry. Since launching the app, foodtweeks users have donated over 1,200 meals to feed hungry families across the U.S.

Every time a foodtweeks user "tweeks" calories out of their food, foodtweeks makes a donation to a local food bank that provides the same number of nutritious calories to feed hungry no cost to the foodtweeks user.

Since launching, foodtweeks users have tweeked more than 720,000 calories, resulting in better food options for the user. This has enabled foodtweeks to donate over 1,200 meals to food banks across the country.

Posting a tweek via the app on Facebook or Twitter doubles or triples each donation!


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