Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Food waste recycling

Food waste is not, for the most part, being recycled in Connecticut.  Some of the challenges and opportunities are called out in an article today in the CT Mirror.

Foodshare has been on the forefront of recycling food waste with our produce facility at the Connecticut Regional Market in Hartford.  At this site, we receive donations of produce, some of which may be nearing the end of its usable life.  Volunteers sort and repack the produce for distribution.  Those items that are not fit for human consumption are given to local farmers for feed for their livestock and/or compost.  Doing this has reduced Foodshare's trash expenses signficantly, in addition to being kinder to the environment.

Do you compost your food scraps at home?  I have a couple of the tumbler compost bins at my home and make rich "black gold" for my home garden, rotating between then to let one "cook" while I'm filling the other.  Composting can be done anywhere.  Red Hook Community Farm in Brooklyn has a community composting project.  See a great video with instructions about how to do this here.

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