Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A visit to Mobile Foodshare

Foodshare Director of Development, Wendy Kohn, who spends most of her time fundraising, got the chance to get out of the office and meet some of the people we serve last week.  She sent me this note and these photos about her experience:

"Last week, I got to get out of my regular routine and go out with the Mobile Foodshare program for an afternoon. (Yes, it’s true, every once in a while us fundraising types get out of our cubicles and go outside for longer than it takes to get to our car to go to a meeting. I know, most people don’t believe it happens, but it does. Really.)

"Since many of our regular volunteers are on vacation this month, I jumped at the chance to go out to a couple Mobile sites to help out. To be able to meet people and share food and recipes, to hear people’s happiness about getting lettuce and carrots and cucumbers so they can make their families a lovely summer salad, to see a kid’s face when she and her brother get a yummy yogurt… it makes all the work we do behind the scenes worthwhile, knowing that food is going to people who need it."

We handed out yogurt, romaine lettuce, bread, potatoes, onions, carrots, and cucumbers.
Everything was so fresh!

The dieticians from St. Joseph’s University had their table set up, as usual (they come to many Mobile Foodshare sites on a regular basis). They are a wonderful resource for people, providing information on nutrition and dietary needs, and they are so dedicated.

I got to head out with Alan Prior, one of our awesome Mobile truck drivers. He’s the best! (except for all the other drivers who are also the best. Because our drivers are just awesome!)

Would you like to volunteer with Foodshare to help get healthy food to people in need?  We can't guarantee you a seat on the Mobile Foodshare truck, since it's our most sought after volunteer job, but we do have plenty of other volunteer jobs that need filling and will help keep those trucks supplied and on the road!  Learn more here or contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

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