Sunday, August 3, 2014


Several provisions in the 2014 Farm Act reflect the increased attention access to healthy foods has received from the public and policymakers in recent years. One requires SNAP-authorized retailers to stock at least seven items in each of four basic categories: (1) fruits and vegetables; (2) bread or cereal; (3) dairy; and (4) meat, poultry, or fish. Previously, SNAP retailers had to stock at least three items in each category. The legislation also establishes a $100 million Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives grant program, which provides incentives to SNAP recipients at the time they buy fruits and vegetables. Grants can provide up to 50% in Federal matching funds to SNAP-authorized retailers. Priority for grants go to providers that sell agricultural products directly to individuals, such as farmers’ markets get priority for grants; provide locally or regionally produced fruits and vegetables; or are located in underserved communities.
Source: USDA, 7/7/14, New SNAP Incentives

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