Friday, March 20, 2015

Right on, Target!

The wonderful staff and management at Target South Windsor gathered to receive accolades and a giant thank you sign for all they do to support Foodshare and their community in the fight to solve hunger.

This group makes it a priority to donate food and non-food items that would otherwise be thrown into dumpsters. Because of their commitment, this store donated an impressive 51,407 meals worth of food in 2014. In addition to the generous food donations, Target also volunteers for Foodshare by sending groups to sort food items at our Bloomfield facility and at the Regional Market, and last year sent a very large group to volunteer at the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger. Looking forward to another year of this fantastic partnership with Target!

Learn how you can give your time or money to help hungry people in your community, by joining the Movement to Solve Hunger!

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