Tuesday, March 22, 2016

East Hartford HAT stabilizing lives of local residents!

Thanks to a three-year, $180,000 Hartford Foundation for Public Giving grant to Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford (LVGH), a collaborative cross-cutting approach called the Career Pathways Initiative, will provide residents with education and workforce training that places them on a trajectory to ascend a career ladder in industries that have job openings. The initiative targets low-literate and low-skilled residents who need a broad range of coordinated services to be successful. The initiative enhances or expands existing programs and pilots new approaches. We are developing classes to prepare students for specific job training and credentialing programs. The Wickham Literacy Center, located at New Covenant United Methodist Church (NCUMC), is expanding both programs and enrollment. Through partnerships with a number of community organizations, brought together through the East Hartford Hunger Action Team (HAT), students can learn English, study for their GED, or Citizenship and participate in an array of food security programs.

According to CJ Hauss, Executive Director of LVGH, "The East Hartford Hunger Action Team (HAT) was a catalyst for bringing together the key partners--Foodshare, LVGH, New Covenant United Methodist Church and Sodexo--that made this program possible."

For additional information about the East Hartford Hunger Action Team, please contact Beatrice Maslowski at 860-286-9999 x180.

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