Monday, March 7, 2016

Introducing the Frog Hollow HAT

After 6 weekly community conversations, one of our newest Hunger Action Teams--the Frog Hollow HAT--has 3 potential projects to focus on:
  1. Conduct a "Listening Tour" of the neighborhood to gather data about "food insecurity," and confirm the need for a nighttime market place and a reliable method to share rides to grocery stores.
  2. Establish a "Night Market" where the entire neighborhood would come together in a public space at night.  There would be a community meal, Farmer's Market, food demos/tastings, with entertainment and music.
  3. Develop a "ride share" or "buddy transport" to/from the grocery stores.  The system would  match people who have cars or vans with those that don't to share the expense of driving to/from grocery stores.  
The Frog Hollow HAT is one of 20 active HATs working on grassroots initiatives to battle hunger in Greater Hartford.  And each one is unique, tailoring solutions to the needs of their own community. Interested in learning more? 

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