Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Thanks to Big Y World Class Markets

Foodshare's Retail Donation Coordinators hit the road to deliver signs to all 11 Big Y stores in Greater Hartford and thank them for their food donations. As a group they donated 372,001 meals worth of food in 2015, which was almost entirely meat donations that came back to our Bloomfield facility to be distributed to our partner programs.

Late in the year, we expanded our partnership with Big Y to pilot a produce donation program that allows volunteers and local pantries, community kitchens, and shelters to pick-up produce and take it right back to their clients to be eaten or distributed that same day. We are thrilled to say that all 11 stores are now donating nutritious produce multiple times each week. These items are having a huge impact on the local communities. One community kitchen commented, "Since getting the fresh produce, we haven't had to open a can or a jar in weeks."

Strong partnerships like the one with Big Y World Class Markets are what make it possible for Foodshare to distribute healthy food options to food insecure people in Hartford and Tolland counties. And that deserves a 'big' thank you!

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