Monday, October 3, 2016

It's our time to give back...

You can tell right away that Chris and Alana Woodward are very caring people. They laugh when you compliment how well-behaved and responsive their 3 little girls are. They will tell you they are “out-numbered” by their triplets, but they are a strong team, and will do whatever it takes to make their family work. At one time that meant getting help from the neighborhood food pantry.

With Alana on bed rest due to pregnancy complications, Chris worked 2 jobs to make ends meet—pushing himself so hard that he quickly found himself hospitalized. After a serious lung surgery, he struggled to recover, while trying to keep up with the family finances. "We were barely keeping our heads above water. We didn't meet the guideline for [food] assistance." The Newington Food Bank—a Foodshare partner—was there for them, and their triplet baby girls. "They helped us weather the storm and keep food on the table and formula in the cupboard."

Since that time, Chris and his wife have stepped into action, "Now it's our time to give back." This family is fighting hunger in their own community—raising funds and awareness—as part of the Newington Hunger Action Team.

With help from his friends at Sequin Level Lodge, he is hosting a month-long food drive to directly support the Newington Food Bank. On October 15, the Lodge will host its annual Open House, during which time members of the community are welcome to stop by with donations. They will also be collecting throughout the month at local retail stores. With a goal of 3,000 pounds (or 2,500 meals worth of food) they are well on their way thanks to early donations. 

"I will never forget the help that I received from the Newington Food Bank at a time when we needed them most," said Chris. "I'm glad to have been able to take this journey…and to help someone the way that I was helped.”

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