Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Communications Team Visits Hope For Life Pantry

 A volunteer with Christine and Pastor Al
Just recently, Foodshare's new Communications Coordinator, Dyani, visited the Hope For Life Pantry in Granby.  She had the opportunity to take a tour of the facility,  observe its weekly operation, and learn about the organization's history.

"One of the most memorable aspects of my visit, was meeting the overseer of the pantry, Pastor Al, and his wife, Christine. Given his passionate spirit and her sweet presence, I definitely felt the hope that exists among those being served by the pantry.

When I was first approached by Pastor Al I felt nothing but love and compassion from was very clear that he is a blessing to those within the community. Thanks to his dedication, I can definitely see a growing hope among those who visit the food pantry."

The Hope for Life pantry operates out of Life Church in Granby. They have been a Foodshare partner since August 2014.

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