Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Giving Story: There’s nothing to be ashamed of

Paul Ferri is a devoted husband, and father to two active little boys. For 19 years, he served his neighbors as a firefighter and EMT in Greater Hartford. If you were the victim of an emergency, there was a very good chance Paul would be the man on the scene to help. But then Paul became the person who needed help. He lost his job, and his life fell apart in less than two months. His family was hurting and his sons were hungry.

“I never thought it was going to happen to me, especially once I had my two boys. I actually cried because I was ashamed that I couldn’t provide for my family. I accept it much more now. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. People fall on hard times. The most important thing is your family…if that means asking someone for help, you’ve got to ask them for help.”

In exchange for receiving food, this dedicated husband and father volunteered to provide food for others.

How will you give back today?

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