Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Staff at Foodshare Comes Together to Give Thanks


It’s that time of year when family and friends gather together to celebrate all they have to be thankful for. The staff at Foodshare enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal today as a reminder of what they hope to accomplish in the weeks ahead. 


As employees prepare for a month-long campaign to provide all of our hungry neighbors with a seat at the table this holiday season, Foodshare’s President and CEO, James Arena-DeRosa, offered his thanks to the rest of the team:

“This is a big time of year for Foodshare. We have received turkey requests from 15,871 neighbors this year. It’s going to get busy, it’s going to get crazy, but I know we will have a great month because of all of you.”

While our Turkey and Thirty campaign officially kicked off today, there are already 42 birds in the freezer. Thanks to the Hartford Harley Owners’ Group, dozens of riders arrived at Foodshare on Sunday bearing gifts of turkeys and cash in honor of the group’s 22nd Annual H.O.G. Turkey Run.

Foodshare will be accepting Turkey and Thirty donations all month long—with the first official community drive happening at Big Y in West Hartford this Friday. Frozen turkeys donated by November 21 will ensure families celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving meal, while financial gifts will put food on the table beyond the holiday, so that Foodshare can continue to be a leader in hunger prevention across Greater Hartford. 

For a complete list of donation sites, or to make your gift online, please visit

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