Friday, November 4, 2016

Turkey Wars 2016

If you haven't already heard, we've added a little friendly competition to our traditional Turkey and Thirty Campaign. Join Turkey Wars to  provide a traditional Thanksgiving meal for thousands of our Greater Hartford friends and neighbors, AND watch your generosity expand as you compete among friends to do the most good this holiday season!

One Turkey Wars team--the Talcott Resolution division of The Hartford--has even gone the extra mile, partnering with Big Y to make their dollars stretch:

"Once again the Talcott Resolution division of The Hartford is showing their overwhelming support of Foodshare’s Turkey & $30.00 fundraiser. We’re only on day 3 and we’ve raised almost $500.00 in online donations and over $100.00 in cash donations to buy frozen turkeys.
We are partnering with Big Y in Enfield in our turkey purchasing effort. They will be giving us an as yet undetermined amount of coupons for $7.00 off/turkey which will stretch our donated dollars much further."
You can visit at anytime to see who's leading the flock. Thank you Talcott Resolution, and best of luck to all of our turkey teams!

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