Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Standards Set For SNAP Retailers

Just recently USDA's secretary, Tom Vilsack announced the provisions that will be made for all retail participants of SNAP. Retailers are now required to increase their inventory and offer food options that are more nutritious.

Vilsack states the following about the provisions:
"This final rule balances the need to improve the healthy staple foods available for purchase at participating stores, while maintaining food access for SNAP recipients in under-served rural and urban areas...We received many helpful comments on the proposed rule and have modified the final rule in important ways to ensure that these dual goals are met.  I am confident that this rule will ensure the retailers that participate in SNAP offer a variety of healthy foods for purchase and that SNAP recipients will continue to have access to the stores they need to be able to purchase food."

Source: USDA, 12/8/16, Read the full release >

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