Friday, January 20, 2017

New Rules for SNAP Retailers

SNAP users may soon begin to see more variety of SNAP-eligible foods in their local groceries and bodegas. 

Starting May 17, 2017, stores that want to begin participating in SNAP will be expected to stock at least 84 items (1) vegetables or fruits; (2) dairy products; (3) meat, poultry, or fish; and (4) bread or cereals. Stores that are already participating will have to meet these minimums by January 17, 2018. 
Retailers will have to stock at least 3 units (bags, cans, boxes) of 7 different kinds of products of those 4 staple food categories.

Different brands, formats, flavors, or types of the same product are not considered different varieties. Apples, carrots, and pears are considered three different varieties in the vegetables or fruits staple food category, but tomato sauce, tomatoes, and 100% tomato juice are only considered one variety in the vegetables or fruits staple food category (tomato).

Source: USDA, 12/24/16, SNAP Retailer Rules

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