Thursday, February 9, 2017

A New Prescription (Rx) Boosting Health Nationwide

"...for the last six years, Wholesome Wave has worked quietly on an equally ambitious initiative: getting healthcare providers to write prescriptions for produce, rather than just pills. It’s called FVRx (Fruit and Vegetable Rx) and its ready to storm the nation—starting with downtown LA."

FVRx primarily serves families that are living at or below the poverty line along with children who are obese/overweight. The majority of families that participate in this program are also SNAP recipients. Through SNAP each member of the family receives an average of four dollars per day, and as recipients of FVRx families would receive an additional four dollars per day which must be spent exclusively on produce. 

Source: Modern Farmer, 1/3/17, The Power of Produce Prescriptions

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