Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CT Could Lose Housing Vouchers In 2017

Connecticut could lose between 435 and 1,775 federal rental housing vouchers in 2017 if lawmakers do not boost appropriations. That’s because a continuing resolution freezes voucher funding for all of 2017 at 2016 levels. A growing gap between rents and tenant incomes has increased the cost of renewing housing vouchers in 2017.

Due to this gap, along with policymakers’ recent actions to restore vouchers lost under sequestration and reduce homelessness among veterans, the cost of renewing all housing vouchers in 2017 has risen to an estimated $18.86 billion.
That’s higher than what the House and Senate appropriations committees approved last year in their respective 2017 funding bills for housing programs. While the Senate bill would provide some funding, it would leave housing vouchers for at least 25,000 low-income households unfunded in 2017. The House bill would leave an even deeper shortfall.

Source: Center for Budget & Policy Priorities, 1/30/17, Housing Vouchers

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