Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Foodshare's 4th Annual HAT Symposium

Passionate. Energetic. Committed. These three words describe each individual that attended the 4th Annual Foodshare Hunger Action Team (HAT) Symposium on March 23.

A large number of Foodshare staff, partners, and friends gathered at the Chrysalis Training Center in Hartford, to acknowledge the accomplishments of our 20 Hunger Action Teams. Foodshare staff offered encouraging words to all of our Hunger Action Team members, recognizing the incredible work they make possible. One of the highlights was, of course, the keynote speaker—Dr. M. Saud Anwar, a physician and humanitarian from South Windsor, as well as a founding member of the South Windsor Hunger Action Team.

With microphone in hand, Dr. Anwar spoke passionately about health outcomes and the positive effects that come from eating nutritious food.
Dr. M Saud Anwar
Guests were inspired by his words, including Community Involvement VISTA, Sarah Hill, who had this to share, "After hearing his outstanding analogies, I personally felt very motivated to change the way that I think about food portions, and how to handle my own health habits." 

Stop & Shop's Our Family Foundation was recognized for their ongoing support of Foodshare's efforts to combat child hunger, through Hunger Action Teams and other vital programs. Representatives from each HAT painted a picture of their own team’s accomplishments over the past year, and offered an update on plans for new possibilities. The symposium culminated in an opportunity for guests to connect with one another during breakout sessions to explore a variety of hunger-related topics, from rescuing healthy food to college food pantries.

You can catch a glimpse of our wonderful keynote speaker on Foodshare's YouTube channel, or view more photos of the symposium. 

Interested in joining a HAT? Contact Foodshare's Community Network Builders, Jim or Bea for more information.

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