Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gender Equity Is a Root Cause of Hunger

"Women in the U.S. disproportionately experience hunger and poverty compared to American men.

About 10 million households with children in the U.S. are headed by a single mother, and 28.2 percent of these families live below the poverty line, compared to 14.9 percent of single fathers. According to USDA’s most recent report, single-parent, female-headed households are also significantly more likely to be food-insecure than single-parent, male-headed households (30.3 to 22.4 percent)."

FRAC has proposed three solutions that policymakers and advocates should utilize in their approach to reducing food insecurity among women in the United States: strengthening federal nutrition programs, closing the wage gap, and supporting paid leave policies.

Source: FRAC, 3/30/17, Learn more>

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