Friday, April 7, 2017

What Food Banks Need To Know About HIPAA

Health care providers and payers (e.g., insurers) are increasingly seeking to work with food banks to ensure that food insecure patients receive nutrition assistance. These collaborations often require communication about the needs of patients and clients. But with more communication comes increased responsibility to think critically about how information that relates to patients and clients is shared and protected.

Federal law (HIPAA) requires health care providers to keep patient information private and secure. Potential health care partners will want to know that food banks have considered how they can keep the information that might be shared with them private and secure. A new resource provides food banks with an overview of how HIPAA influences information-sharing between health care providers and food banks and provides strategies for effective coordination and communication to keep health information safe.

Source: Harvard Law School, 3/17, Food Banks & HIPPA

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