Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Food Insecurity and Women's Health

"Data consistently show that women are especially vulnerable to food insecurity and its health consequences. Literature reviews reveal strong and consistent evidence of a higher risk of obesity among food-insecure women, but not for food-insecure men or children.

 Another serious risk facing many women is maternal depression, which can increase the incidence — or be a consequence — of food insecurity. Food insecurity during pregnancy has been linked with gestational diabetes, iron deficiency, and low birth weight.  But, according to recent studies, mothers of young children in food-insecure households who received SNAP were less likely to experience symptoms of maternal depression and less likely to be in poor health, compared to mothers in food-insecure households not receiving SNAP"

Source: Food Research & Action Council, 5/19/17, Food Insecurity & Women's Health

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