Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Going Digital to Rescue Food

"Last month, food rescue made a leap to a national scale...Until now, a restaurant, store or catering service with excess food (unless it was a regular on the organization’s pickup list) had to call around to various feeding programs to see which one wanted food and could come to get it. Or the store could call the food bank, which would pick up the food if the donation was large enough, then refrigerate it, and distribute it the next day.

Now Feeding America matches donors and recipients with an algorithm. A restaurant can go on Meal Connect to post an offer of, say, eight trays of fried chicken and biscuits. Meal Connect will automatically match that offer with the closest food pantry or soup kitchen that can get it up right away."

Feeding America's Chief Executive, Diana Aviv, made the following statement about the new digital resource, “This allows us to provide real hot meals,virtually at the same time that someone coming off the street and paying for it would get it.”

Source: New York Times, 5/2/17, Going Digital to Rescue Food

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