Monday, August 1, 2011

Feedback from a volunteer

I received a letter from a volunteer on Friday and while it’s too long to quote it in its entirety, I wanted to share a sense of it with everyone.  This volunteer mentioned that he had to do some court-ordered community service and how embarrassed and nervous he was about the whole thing.  However, when he called, Volunteer Coordinator Edna Bailey handled it with such professionalism that he said, “my anxiety washed away.” 

He continued, “I showed up for my first day literally with my proverbial tail between my legs.  I walked in and within seconds was made to feel extremely welcomed.  I was greeted by Steve (DiTomasso) who handled my situation confidentially and professionally.  Eric (Coleman) came over to me a little while later and shook my hand and welcomed me.” 

Although his required service hours are over, he told me that he and his wife will continue to volunteer at Foodshare.  He closed his letter by saying, “You feed people, but you also let them retain their dignity in a time of great difficulty.”

What else is there to say?  Except a job well done to these employees and everyone at Foodshare who live out our values of Innovation, Cooperation, Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, and Respect each and every day.

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