Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Canton ShopRite goes the extra mile

Food Sourcing Manager, Ernie Pitti, sent me this message the other day about a visit to the ShopRite store in Canton:

"Today I had the pleasure of talking with Rick, the receiver at the Joseph Family ShopRite of Canton.  When I start to think about spreading the word/message throughout an organization, I can now think of the Joseph Family Team!!  Today Rick recovered both meat, bakery and salvage including some blankets.  Last week his contribution included socks and tee shirts!  Tonight's forecast is for snow and it doesn't seem unusual at all because it is winter.  But to less fortunate families, snow and cold weather add another dimension to their problem besides the food they sorely need - it's how do I keep myself and my family dry and warm.

"Well, here's another example of people reaching outside their comfort zone to help.... it took only a second or two for Rick but he made the effort despite his busy days.  And all of this wouldn't have been  possible unless the Joseph's instilled this concern for others throughout their stores.

"Thank you, Rick, for going the extra mile needed to make a difference; thank you Chuck for instilling this feeling of empowerment in all whom, you touch."

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