Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In The Spotlight: KittyJo Reynolds

Name: KittyJo Reynolds
Occupation/employer: Currently seeking a job in development for a non-profit 

Role at Foodshare: Volunteer

How long have you been with Foodshare? 3 years

How did you first become involved with Foodshare?  I had been a donor for years – I didn’t know a lot about Foodshare but felt hunger was a basic need that had to be filled.
Why do you support Foodshare? Three years ago I chose to leave the for profit world of sales and work for a nonprofit whose mission I was passionate about. Foodshare was my first “information-seeking, networking visit”. After touring the warehouse and hearing about what and how Foodshare does what it does, I became a volunteer as a member of the Speaker’s Bureau. With all of my years of experience, I have never encountered such an efficient, focused organization!

Most recent accomplishment: Made a great meatloaf yesterday!

A personal/professional goal: To make a significant difference by raising funds and support for issues I care most about.

Last read:The Hunger Games Trilogy
What was the hardest thing you’ve had to learn partnering with Foodshare? There is always more to do in terms of meeting people’s basic needs – can we really endhunger?

What has changed the most at Foodshare in your time with us?  I’ve seen a greater focus on developing local “Hunger Action Teams” who are now making a difference in their community.

What has stayed the same? The spirit, dedication and focus of all those who work with and at Foodshare.

If you could be, or do, anything else – what would it be? I feel like I’m doing it! After many years of the stress and ups and downs of chasing the next order, bringing in the most money and trying to be #1, I finally realized I didn’t have to continue to do something that no longer made me happy or satisfied. I can now “chase” making a difference for others.

What one word would you use to describe yourself? Persistent!

What are you most proud of? My ability to grow. Every day (almost!) I make progress on becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be – but didn’t know it until much later in life.

Share something about yourself that few people know: I am shy – in some ways.

Anne Frank once said that in spite of everything, she believed people were basically good. Do you agree or disagree? Why? I completely agree – my experience has been that no matter how tough, uncaring or demanding a person may be, if you keep looking you will find what matters most to them. When you discover that, you will find their heart.

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