Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Building a stronger organization

Foodshare offers our managers the opportunity to take part in the year-long "Bullet Proof Manager" training.  Sarah Santora, Community Involvement Manager, graduated from the program last week.

Sarah says of her experience, "At first I was not thrilled to put aside a  one-half day per month, each month for TWELVE months of training! But Pat Majewski made 'The Bulletproof Manager Training' interesting, fun and informative. Each month we learned skills to communicate, inspire and lead with contagious enthusiasm. Now that I have finished training and am officially bulletproof, I look forward to sharing many of the video training sessions with my co-workers. The first two sessions we have shared with our staff were very well received."

We are all proud of Sarah's efforts, and also George Lombardo and Alicia Flynn's participation in this training, as they strive to make Foodshare stronger in our work to end hunger.

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