Thursday, March 22, 2012

Putting the "fun" in fundraising...

Foodshare works with Ovation to provide benefits to our employees.  We learned today that the team at Ovation is engaging in a unique fundraiser to support the Walk Against Hunger.  Here’s what they sent out to their team explaining the program:

Last year we raised $250 for our client, Foodshare to help raise money during their annual Walk Against Hunger, by placing our spare change in the bucket during the risk reduction classes.

This year we’re promoting punctuality with being “on-time” instead of “Ovation Time”. 

·         Have you ever caught some flack from coworkers for being late to a meeting here at Ovation??
·         Have you ever sat and waited in a conference room for a late coworker?
·         Have you ever booked a conference room and someone else was in there during your scheduled time?

Here’s your chance to help raise some $$ for Foodshare and encourage being on time to internal meetings!

If you’re late to an internal meeting, consider voluntarily placing $1 into the bucket and if your coworker is late, encourage them to do the same!

Please help Ovation to raise money for our client Foodshare who serves 128,000 hungry neighbors living in greater Hartford, including 50,000 children and 10,000 seniors.   Our goal is $250!!

By the looks of this bucket, it's working!
What a great idea!  We've all been annoyed by those coworkers who show up late for meetings or appointments!  Why not have a little fun with it and raise some money for a good cause. 

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  1. I am so excited by this initiative and the good that is coming out of it! --Allison Lantieri, Marketing Director (and sometimes late to meetings), Ovation