Friday, May 4, 2012

An intern's time comes to the end...

Today was intern, Boris Chevannes' last day with Foodshare and this is what his supervisor, Ernie Pitti had to say about him:

Wouldn't be a party without a cake,
so here's Boris cutting the cake!
Boris Chevannes is a graduating senior at CCSU majoring in Sociology.  As an intern at Foodshare he learned about the organization in general and the volunteer retail pick-up program specifically. While here, Boris was responsible for two key areas relative to the program; calling (and explaining to)  people who expressed an interest in learning more about the experience, its benefits and responsibilities, and once interested in learning more, making appointments with them to meet here and start the training process.  Although he was here only a short time, Boris was very capable of explaining the program having spent time with me as I explained and carried out the various commitments  a volunteer would have during the first two weeks he interned.  As a result, he was very successful in securing the interest of those volunteers he spoke with, and had particularly impressive results calling  the numerous faith groups we were hoping could help recruit  volunteers.  

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