Friday, July 27, 2012

Ice Cream Extravaganza at Phoenix raises funds

The Ice Cream Extravaganza has become an annual summer event, organized by the summer interns at Phoenix.  Earlier this week, Foodshare summer intern Prisca Maebry attended one of the events and sent me this report:

"This week, The Phoenix Companies held their 6th Annual Ice Cream Extravaganza of 2012 to raise money for Foodshare.  Wednesday night, their main event took place at AC Petersen’s Farm in West Hartford which was an all out ice cream eating contest!

"All the participants were eager and excited as the waitresses brought out their first servings of ice cream which ranged from vanilla to coffee and even cookie dough. I watched in awe as the members continued ordering bowls after bowls of ice cream finishing them off one by one. As the time passed by, I stood by as the participants’ momentum began to decrease and their smiles slowly faded away as they struggled to swallow that additional scoop of ice cream. I witnessed individuals taking short power walks to try to work off some of the ice cream they consumed or even doing pushups just to stay in the game!

"The event was definitely one to see and very entertaining for all bystanders. After his 19th scoop of ice cream, Howie Elson was crowned the winner of the ice cream eating contest. Pat Decker finished in 2nd place with 16 scoops, Katie Kervick, Stan Korostin, and Paul Muvembi all tied for 3rd and Matt Ferony and Alex King finished in 6th and last place with 13 and 12 scoops.

"I’m happy to know that all the participant’s struggles led to a very successful event with $5,540 raised in total!"

Thank you for your report, Prisca, and thanks to all the interns at Phoenix for organizing this event, and to A.C. Peterson Farms for hosting the ice cream eaters!

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