Monday, March 11, 2013

From the mailbox

I often receive notes from Foodshare's generous supporters along with their donations, and I just love to read them.  Here's a few from this past week:

"Please accept the enclosed check/contribution.  I am happy to be able to support the goals and misison of Foodshare."

"Enclosed is a $20 bill.  I trust your integrity.  You do not have to send me a receipt for tax purposes.  Let it be my tithe for the poor."

"Hope all is well!  Always happy to lend a helping hand!"

And then, of course, there are the e-mail messages, too.  Here's my favorite one this week:

"Don't know if you remember last year's walk and the fact that I could not help out because my son Chris and his wife Jennifer were getting married that weekend in Newport, RI; but I think I have even a better "excuse" this year; they are expecting my new granddaugher in the next two weeks and I will be going to Las Vegas from 5/4 - 5/11 to meet her and start to spoil her; I will be thinking of you all on the day of the walk and hope the goal is met."

As a grandmother of four myself, my answer is, "Of course, spend every minute you can with this grandchild!"

Thank you to all of the generous donors who make Foodshare's work possible and thanks for sharing your passion for our work in your notes and e-mail messages!

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