Thursday, August 7, 2014

Senior citizens and SNAP

During the July meeting of the newly formed Newington Hunger Action Team, concerns were raised that some seniors were put off by filling out the lengthy SNAP application (22 pages) knowing that they may only receive $15 monthly benefit. 

Leah Tully, HAT member and SNAP Outreach Coordinator with the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT) shared the pictorial below from the Agency on Aging in Alabama of how much food $15 can purchase.  She indicated that some seniors having seen the amount of food $15 could buy reconsidered and applied for SNAP. 

There are several organizations, such as Foodshare, CHCACT, and End Hunger CT!, to name a few, that will help seniors apply for SNAP.

To determine SNAP eligibility, likely benefits, and help completing the application process you can:

·     Meet in person in Hartford and Tolland Counties, please contact Laura Roberts at Foodshare, (860) 286-9999, x104;

·     Meet in person elsewhere in CT, please contact Leah Tully at Community Health Center Association of Connecticut, (860) 667-7820 x 320; or

·     Work over the phone in CT, please contact EndHunger CT! SNAP assistance at 1-866-974-SNAP.

Does your town have a Hunger Action Team?  To learn more, join an existing team, or get a new one started, please contact Jim or Bea at Foodshare.

Would you like to volunteer to help people complete the SNAP application?  Contact Laura to learn more.

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