Friday, September 5, 2014

We Need Your Help!

As you’ve probably heard, Foodshare has been selected as an official Charity for the NU Hartford Marathon!  The Marathon is only a month away and we’re falling short on all three of our goals.  Can you help in any of the following ways?

1.    Volunteer! 
As a part of our contract with the Hartford Marathon, we must provide at least 20 volunteers to work the day of the race.  The activity that we have selected for our volunteers is helping with the Kids K Fun Run!  How great does that sound?  The shift will run from 8am-11am on Saturday, October 11.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Events Coordinator, Jordan Nyberg for detailed instructions on how to sign up.

2.    Run and Fundraise!
We are hoping to recruit at least 20 runners who will also fundraise for Foodshare leading up to the Marathon.  Prizes will be awarded to those that raise the most money!  We have four staff members signed up to participate and will have a Foodshare relay team running that day!  Join them by signing up today and don’t forget to use the discount code FOODSHARE14 to get $5 off your race registration!

3.    Donate!
Not a runner?  That’s OK!  All of our dedicated runners would be more than happy to accept your donation to their fundraising efforts.  Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 in our first year as an official charity of the NU Hartford Marathon and you can help!  Simply visit our fundraising site to show your support and make a donation.

4.    SHARE! 
Not interested in any of the above?  That’s OK too.  You probably know someone that is!  Please forward this to everyone on your contact list to help us reach our goals!

Why get involved with the Marathon? Gaye Sgamboti, our Retail Pick-Up Coordinator, explains her story below.

Running is Hard. Hunger is Harder.

I’m not really a runner. I can run…reluctantly, and often while complaining. I like a good 5k race that includes a cold drink and a good sandwich at the finish line. However, when Foodshare was chosen as an official charity of this year's NU Hartford Marathon, I decided to set my sights on running my first half marathon. I saw it as a way to support my company in its mission to end hunger. With new running shoes, a training app for my phone, and a friend crazy enough to join me, I began. 

At first it was easy. We could run three miles together laughing and talking the entire way, but as the number of running days and miles increased, there was less talking and no laughing. There was complaining, and new aches and pains with each mile added. At one point, I whined aloud, “This is so hard.” That’s when it struck me that although running longer distances was, indeed, very hard for me, many people in our area face issues much harder. They live in poverty and struggle every day with providing enough food for their families. If running 13.2 miles is a way that I can help them, it’s worth every step. My half marathon run won’t be pretty, or fast, or easy, but I will do it knowing that whatever money I raise supports a cause that I believe in. Will you help? 

Run. Donate. Volunteer.

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  1. Way to go Gaye! You will never forget your first 1/2 marathon, although believe it or not, you will forget the struggles and pain you faced during training. The joy of reaching your goal of running 13.1 miles is a memory you'll have forever. Great job!