Sunday, November 1, 2015

November: Immediate Volunteer Needs

RPU Volunteers needed in Southington, Enfield, West Hartford, and Newington
Ever wonder what happens to all the hot dogs, watermelon, and corn on the cob that doesn't get purchased when Connecticut has a rainy Fourth of July? Did you know that many grocers increase their milk and bread orders ahead of a winter storm because they know consumers are going to want to stock up? Ever wonder what happens to that milk and bread when that storm changes direction and you and I don't do our "storm shopping?" Years ago, this perfectly edible but unsalable food was sent to the landfills. Fortunately today there are other options. Every weekday, you will find our Retail Pick-Up volunteers collecting unused food from our partners in the food industry, and transporting it to a local food program in the same neighborhood.

Retail Pick-up is a great way to combat hunger locally, while reducing waste in your community. We currently have the greatest need for volunteers in Southington, Enfield, West Hartford, and Newington. Volunteers must own a vehicle and have a valid driver’s license (mileage reimbursement is available), proof of insurance, ability to lift 20-30 pounds, and 1-2 hrs per week, Monday through Friday. Contact Lauren Kowtko for more information or to sign up for our next training!

Mobile Foodshare
We are looking for stand-by volunteers to ride in our Mobile Foodshare trucks weekday mornings when our regular volunteers are out. Volunteers should be able to lift boxes of up to 30 pounds and work on their feet. Please contact Edna for more information or to sign up.

Additional opportunities are always available online.

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