Monday, November 2, 2015

Home delivery to SNAP beneficiaries may be coming

Several years go, Fresh Direct, an online fresh food order and delivery service, launched a pilot program in the Bronx that enabled low-income residents to use their SNAP benefits for purchases and have them delivered for free. Apparently, the company views the experiment as a success, presumably because the profits from the additional purchases at least offset the costs. Last year’s Farm Bill allows government and nonprofit organizations to accept SNAP benefits for home-delivered food. They can accept the benefits only for food delivered to households headed by someone who’s at least 60 years old or disabled and “unable to shop for food.” Organizations can charge for delivery, but no more than $20 at any one time. They can also set an order minimum up to $50. In mid-July, USDA proposed a rule to reflect the law. At the same time, it said it would soon seek up to 20 food purchasing and delivery services for a one-year pilot.

Source: Poverty & Policy, 10/29/15, Home Delivery

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