Monday, November 2, 2015

Soup Success!

Saturday was a perfect day for soup at the 18th Annual Empty Bowls event at Manchester Community College, as evidenced by the attendance - 500 guests, 520 bowls sold and 160 quarts of soup-to-go sold. Over $17,000 was donated by sponsors and attendees to benefit Foodshare!

Carl Stafford, co-chair of the Empty Bowls Committee at MCC, really summed it up best in his acknowledgement to the team who pulled it all off: "On behalf of my Empty Bowls committee co-chairs, Kathy Kern, Sandy Jenkins, Gloria Moeller and Jill Nulsen I'm happy to report that this year we made $17,050 for Foodshare. I would like to thank the 100 or so volunteers who donated their time - we could not do this without you! The MCC Art department who made over 100 bowls, Green Leaf Pottery, Lucy Hurston's students who were absolutely incredible, the culinary students who arrived early stayed late, the high schools, hospitals, restaurants and personal chefs who made over 200 gallons of soup. I would like to personally thank my co-workers who volunteered to drive to over forty locations to bring back five gallon buckets of soup. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!"

Yes, Carl, we agree!! Thank you to the VERY generous 'East of the River' community for supporting Foodshare!

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