Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thank You Hillandale Farms!

Hundreds of New England families in need will be able to savor the simple pleasure and excellent nutrition of eggs this Easter season, thanks to Hillandale Farms. The egg producer and processor, with three farms in Connecticut, is sending 1,700 cases of eggs to food banks in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine. 

Foodshare was lucky enough to receive 630,000 eggs yesterday when the truck stopped by--an important source of protein for our hungry neighbors!

"We know many families either have a tight budget for food or live in neighborhoods that have become so-called ‘food deserts’ with no major grocery stores nearby,” says Ed Hoffman, vice president of operations at Hillandale Farms Conn, LLC. “The good quality protein that comes from eggs is something that should not come down to an either-or decision, especially for families with growing kids.”

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