Thursday, May 26, 2016

Defining the term 'organization'

Organization – noun or·ga·ni·za·tion \ ȯr-gə-nə-ˈzā-shən

Webster’s Definition: The act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily.

Organization is the key component for Meals for the Needy (MFN) in Bristol. Cheryl Yetke, the Executive Director has her methodology for categorizing the MFN pantry down to a science. Making this successful neighborhood pantry a pleasure to visit, work with and utilize for everyone: Foodshare staff, community members and clients alike.

MFN serves over 100 families a month through the pantry, no doubt this accomplishment is due to outstanding organization applied by Cheryl and her army of volunteers. Thanks MFN for all you do to help the families of Bristol!

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